Amanda Harris practices in all areas of family and matrimonial law. She is a passionate advocate and is adept at mounting a strong legal strategy, while also keeping settlement in mind. Amanda thrives in the courtroom and is just as comfortable in collaborative practice and mediation settings. Amanda also advises clients on surrogacy and assists them in navigating the complex contractual process.

Amanda’s clinical psychology background is an asset to any custody matter or high conflict divorce. She is uniquely positioned to understand the nuances of forensic evaluations, identify the strengths and weaknesses of a report, and how to prepare clients for the evaluation process. Any time children are involved, the family unit is restructured. Amanda is empathetic to these changes and is adept at counseling clients each step of the way. As part of Amanda’s clinical work, she completed court ordered evaluations, provided therapy services for high conflict families, was certified in trauma focused therapy, and conducted educational testing for IEPs and 504 plans. Amanda understands the complexities involved when a divorcing family has a child with educational and special needs.

The law does not live exclusively in the courtroom or behind the closed doors of a law firm. Amanda actively engages with the law at all levels. She is a member of the Families and the Law Committee for the New York State Bar. As a founding member of its Domestic Violence Subcommittee, Amanda put on a CLE for practitioners on coercive control and how to effectively advocate for survivors and children of domestic violence in 2021. Amanda’s memberships also include: FamilyKind NextGen Board; ABA Family Law Section (Vice Chairperson of its Special Needs Committee in 2019-2020); New York City Bar Education and Law Committee for the New York City Bar. Amanda has been listed in New York Metro Super Lawyers Rising Stars since 2019.


Amanda has been quoted in People Magazine.